A more powerful version of the Raspberry Pi has launched

Submitted By on July 14, 2014 - 09:58 PM

An updated version of the Raspberry Pi single-board computer has gone on sale, featuring advanced power management and a wider range of connectivity options than before.

The Raspberry Pi B+, which costs $35 (£20), marks the first significant change to the multi-million selling credit card-sized computer since it was first released in February 2012.

Although the new board is based on the same Broadcom BCM2835 chipset and 512MB of RAM as the previous model, it is capable of supporting four up to USB accessories, rather than just two.

Up to 1.2 amps can be delivered to each USB port, allowing power-hungry devices and accessories to be attached to the device without the need for mains power or an external USB hub.

The new board also has 40 pins, up from 26 in the Raspberry Pi Model B. This means that even more sensors, connectors and expansion boards can be added to the device, allowing users to increase the complexity of their Raspberry Pi projects.

“The new Raspberry Pi B+ marks the first major re-design of what has been one of the stand-out tech products in the last few years,” said Claire Doyle, global head of Raspberry Pi at technology distributor element14.

“We’ve already seen the board drive some amazing designs, but the B+ model opens up the opportunity to push the boundaries of complexity and innovation to make even bigger and better projects. It is also the board that can open up a whole new area of learning for young people.”

About three million Raspberry Pi computers have been sold around the world since launch. However, it faces increasing competition from devices such as the Hummingboard, the APC 8750 and the Beaglebone Black.




Original news taken from telegraph.co.uk